Kudos to Senators Cornyn, Cruz, and Inhofe

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed John Kerry as Secretary of State. The vote was 94-3.

Kerry’s confirmation was never in doubt. Unlike Susan Rice, Kerry did not recently exhibit willful disregard for the truth on a matter of deep public conern (the Benghazi killings), although he did slander the U.S. military four decades ago in connection with the war in Vietnam. And unlike Chuck Hagel, Kerry’s stated views on foreign policy do not fall outside the mainstream of the Democratic Party (a sad commentary on that Party) and do not diverge from the positions President Obama articulated to the public during his quest for reelection.

Nonetheless, from his aforementioned remarks about Vietnam, to his support for the Sandinistas, to his criminally stupid advocacy of building U.S. Middle East policy around Bashar al-Assad, Kerry has been wrong about nearly every important foreign policy issue for as long as anyone can remember. As Sen. Inhofe said of Kerry, whom he considers a friend: “We joke around a lot, but I told him I never agreed with him on anything, going all the way back to the Sandinistas.”

So I commend Inhofe and the two Texas Senators, Cornyn and Cruz, for refusing to let Kerry’s confirmation be without dissent.


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