Two Voices of Sanity on Crime and Guns

President Obama is pressing for more gun control laws, but what about the many gun laws that are already on the books? The Obama administration has been lax with respect to gun crime enforcement, with prosecutions down by 25% to more than 50%, compared with the Bush administration. It is ironic that an administration so committed to passing new laws, that will only have the effect of harassing law-abiding gun owners, has been indifferent to enforcing the laws we already have against gun-toting criminals.

This was Jeff Sessions’ message in in today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on guns. Sessions is a former federal prosecutor who has personally tried gun cases to juries, and he came armed with statistics. He concluded:

I would call on President Obama to call in Attorney General Eric Holder and ask him why the prosecutions have dropped dramatically across all categories of federal gun laws. … Violence in America is impacted [the most] when you’re enforcing these bread-and-butter violations that are proven, they’re effective, and they work.

Obama’s current push for draconian gun control is characteristic of him: all is for show, all is for politics, while he can’t be bothered with the mundane business of doing his job and combatting crime by enforcing the laws we already have.

Ted Cruz also distinguished himself in today’s hearing. He actually knows something about guns, as he demonstrated by pointing out the absurdity of the Democrats’ “assault weapons” ban:

What makes an assault weapon an assault weapon? Randomly selected cosmetic features that look scary to ignorant liberals, but have nothing material to do with the function of the firearm. If liberals had more sense, they would be embarrassed.