Uncommon Knowledge: Conservatives at Sea

The new edition of Uncommon Knowledge was taped with Rob Long and John Yoo on NR’s post-election cruise. The subject is the election just passed. Rob Long nails three theses to the mast: the Republican brand is dead, our operatives are incompetent, and we (Republicans) live in a dream world. Long is especially emphatic on the third of his three theses and I feel his pain.

The eminent John Yoo respectfully disagrees. Professor Yoo offers Long his psychiatrist mom (along with him on the cruise) for help. If laughter is the best medicine, Rob (former writer/producer of Cheers) should be able to help himself. Our friend Peter Robinson leads a vigorous and entertaining discussion that veers between Long’s yin and Yoo’s yang — although Long concludes on an affirmative note: “That [Yoo running for office] is the future.”

I greatly enjoyed this installment of Uncommon Knowledge and think you are likely to as well. We present the whole 41 minutes in one package below to discerning viewers courtesy of the Hoover Institution.