Yeah, We Are a Bunch of Sissies Out Here in CA [Updated With Snarky Commentary By John]

Given that half of the Power Line team resides in Minnesota, fergawdsake, where 24 degrees this time of year qualifies as balmy, kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for assembling these truly ridiculous clips of LA TV newswers bloviating hysterically about how cold it is because it’s only getting up to 50 degrees in LA right now in the daytime, and down to as little as 34 degrees at night:

Really, is it any wonder that California is slipping away.

JOHN adds: Ah yes, it is true! Routine winter weather is a drag, but epic winter events build character. Thus, we are proud of the photo of my two younger brothers standing on the roof of our house back in South Dakota, having climbed up there on snow drifts. We recall with fondness the great Halloween blizzard of 1991, when I took my two oldest kids trick or treating at ages 4 and 2, treading on bare pavement, and by the time we returned an hour and a half later, I was carrying them through snow three feet deep. And we remember with pride my oldest daughter’s sixth birthday weekend in January at Gull Lake, when we went ice fishing, skated, and survived at temperatures of -35 F, accompanied by howling north winds. That’s temperature, not wind chill for you wusses in California and points south!

Still, there are times when living in a place where 34 degrees counts as cold seems pretty attractive…


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