Ellison exacerbated

Minnesota Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison is a piece of work. He is a former member of the Nation of Islam who first ran for office as a Democrat in 1998 under the NOI name Keith Ellison-Muhammad. Sad but true. He’s a little bit hustler, a little bit thug, and a lot of Marxist claptrap wrapped with an Islamic overlay. Which branch of Islam is it that squares with equal rights for women, gay marriage, abortion on demand and the rest of the Democratic agenda? Perhaps some day an enterprising journalist will inquire politely of Rep. Ellison and get the scoop.

I’ve never quite figured out how the pieces fit together, but I’ve done my best to nail his act in the Weekly Standard profile “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and the related Power Line backgrounder “Keith Ellison for dummies.” I believe these pieces remain relevant and have stood the test of time.

Ellison isn’t going anywhere. He’s going to be around for a while. Indeed, he’s something of a key to understanding the Age of Obama, as I argued in the post “From Keith Ellison to Barack Obama.”

Sean Hannity brought Ellison on board last night for an illuminating segment of his show. Unfortunately, what the segment illuminated was Ellison’s act. Hannity sets up the interview with three minutes of Obama fomenting fear and loathing on the permanent campaign trail. It’s worth the time to watch as it sets up Ellison’s shtick du jour. As I say, he’s something of a key to understanding the Age of Obama.

For a good counterpoint to my own predictable reaction to the segment, see David Graham’s Atlantic post “Keith Ellison and Sean Hannity had an epic battle on Fox News Tuesday.” I’ll take my heading over Graham’s, but it’s worth a look.


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