Obama’s overt leftism leaves some Senate Democrats vulnerable

The Republican National Senatorial Committee has issued a memo called “Cementing A Liberal Legacy While Ignoring 2014.” Its thesis is that “while President Obama and his team burns [sic] the political capital that he believes was earned last November, he is lighting an inferno under the electoral prospects for a number Democratic Senate candidates in 2014.”

The Committee promises that it is “prepared to pounce” on the opportunity Obama is handing Republicans:

As the President and Democratic leaders in Congress double-down on their demands for higher taxes to finance even more out of control spending Republicans welcome and look forward to that debate in states like Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, South Dakota, Arkansas, Alaska, and many others.

There are quite a few workers in the energy field in Louisiana and Alaska, for example. These men and women and their families will have a clear choice between a Republican Senator who will serve as a check on the President’s increasingly liberal agenda, versus a longtime Democratic incumbent who helped vote him into office and actively supports this outside-the-mainstream push.

Military families and those who rely on the defense industry in states like North Carolina and Virginia should ask their Democratic Senators why they’re focused on raising taxes for more wasteful spending instead of coming up with a plan to stop the President’s sequester plan and protect their jobs.

Restaurant owners, farmers, and other workers in Montana and Arkansas are right to ask their Democratic Senators why our debt has skyrocketed as job growth has remained anemic since they’ve been running Washington.

The list goes on and on. These are the issues that affect people’s lives. They are real, not just some esoteric budget debate in Washington. That is why these are the types of questions that will allow us to stay on offense.

Senate Democrats have lived a charmed life lately, thanks to the propensity of Republicans to nominate weak challengers to vulnerable incumbents. Perhaps Obama is betting that this propensity will be on display again in 2014 — not an unreasonable bet.

More likely, though, Obama enjoys playing leftist hard ball too much, and is too committed to pushing his “progressive” agenda through a shrinking window, to worry much about providing cover for Democrats unfortunate enough to represent a critical mass of insufficiently enlightened voters.

Via Katrina Trinko.