On Guns, Don’t Listen to Slow Joe

President Obama has put Joe Biden in charge of his anti-gun initiatives. In another administration, you might assume that means Biden knows something about guns. In this administration, no such luck. Biden has drawn a lot of criticism for his advice to women who think someone may be trying to break into their house. Don’t buy an AR-15, buy a double-barreled shotgun! Biden says he told his wife Jill (at least he didn’t say “Dr. Jill”) if she ever has a problem, take the shotgun, go out on the porch and fire two blasts. That would be a felony in most places. The NRA points out how stupid Biden’s advice is:

Really, though, there is a more fundamental point. The administration’s position on firearms is, to put it bluntly weird. They are enthusiastically in favor of buying shotguns, but bitterly opposed to semiautomatic rifles. Why? More people are murdered every year with shotguns than rifles. And isn’t it every woman’s right to decide whether she can best protect herself with a shotgun or a rifle? Why are the Democrats so intent on taking away a woman’s right to choose?


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