The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 42: InstaPundit

Last night, Brian Ward and I recorded Episode 42 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, featuring the Super Bowl, President Obama’s visit to Minnesota to plug his gun control proposals, the Listener/Ricochet Member of the Week, Lydens Cheng, who increased the average IQ of the program considerably, and Glenn Reynolds, who stopped by to talk about his latest book, The K-12 Implosion. Given that Glenn was the first person (as far as I know) to write about the higher education bubble, he has a lot of credibility when it comes to forecasting downward spirals in educational institutions. The conversation was interesting to say the least. The K-12 Implosion is the latest from Encounter Books, which means you can buy it at a reasonable price on Amazon and read it on a short airplane flight.

We wrapped up with the Loon of the Week–a certain cabinet nominee–and This Week in Gatekeeping, featuring one of the longest corrections ever, relating, not surprisingly, to “assault weapons.” It is a fun episode.

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