The Radosh Files, parts 1 and 2

I’m at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat. The historian Ronald Radosh — one of my favorites — spoke on a great panel on the culture this afternoon along with Andrew Klavan and Ben Shapiro. After the panel, I caught up with Ron to ask him a few questions on matters of interest to me. I’ve been wrestling with the interaction between iMovie and YouTube to get the videos uploaded.

I asked Ron about his heroic struggle against Peter Kuznick’s and Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States and Stone’s related Showtime series. The book and series would more aptly have been titled Twice-Told Tales. In his brilliant Weekly Standard review of the book and series, Ron showed Kuznick and Stone to have derived their history from a 1952 book by a secret agent of the American Communist Party whose work was Communist propaganda. In his presentation this afternoon, Ron made the point that Stone and Kuznick have toured college campuses promoting the book, that the series will live on forever, and that justice must therefore be administered. Ron sets himself to the task in the video below. Since Ron first took up the case, the liberal historian Sean Wilentz has piled on in the New York Review of Books.

Unlike Kuznick and Stone, Ron is an outstanding historian and author. One of my favorite books is The Rosenberg File, by Ron and Joyce Milton, originally published in 1983. It resolves the case against the Rosenbergs in a manner that time has only further served to corroborate. In the second video I shot with him, Ron updates the Rosenberg story. I think I’m going to have to spring for the second edition of the book published in 1997 and linked above.


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