The Weekly Winston: Iran and “Unregulated Unthinkability”

Chuck Hagel’s prevarications in his Senate testimony this week about the prevarications of the Obama Administration’s Iran policy brought to mind one of Churchill’s characterizations of British government policy about disarmament in the early 1930s—what at other times he described more simply as “mush, slush, and gush.”  But this 1934 comment comes close to capturing the essence of Obama’s own brand of mush, slush, and gush about Iran:

It is only a little while ago that I heard ministers say, and read diplomatic documents which said, that rearmament was unthinkable—“Whatever happens, we cannot have that.  Rearmament is unthinkable.”  Now all our hope is to regulate the unthinkable.  Regulated unthinkability—that is the proposal now; and very soon it will be a question of making up our minds to unregulated unthinkability.


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