Women in the infantry?

Our friend Mac Owens, of the Naval War College and Orbis, writes:

You all know Jim Webb–bona fide Vietnam war hero, prize winning novelist, secretary of the Navy, assistant secretary of defense, Senator from Virginia. He is a man of conviction who says what he means.

It turns out that his son–also Jim–is cut from the same cloth. Webb the younger gave up a promising college baseball career to join the Marine Corps as an 0311–rifleman, grunt–after 9/11. He left the service after a couple of enlistments, rising to the rank of sergeant.

He has weighed in on the issue of women in the infantry and his piece is very powerful. It deserves wide circulation. Webb the younger has inherited not only his father’s valor but also his prose style, which is…ahem..direct.

Sgt Jim has given me permission to circulate his observations. Please take a look at his piece “Women in the infantry?” and send it around.

Good stuff.

Cheers, Mac

One thing you will notice: Sgt. Jim speaks from experience and knows what he is talking about, (as does Mac, for that matter). Please hear him out.


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