An Overdue Prog-Rock Fix

It’s been a while since I inflicted my dubious throwback enthusiasm for progressive rock on indulgent Power Line readers, but I somehow came across the video below of Francis Dunnery, with whom I’m totally unfamiliar though I gather he has a following, performing a live cover of “Back in NYC,” a neglected tune from the B-side of the old Genesis classic album “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.”  (The terrific Progarchy blog, which my pal Brad Birzer of Hillsdale College helps support, discusses the pros and cons of “Lamb” in a new series that starts with this long post Thursday.)

Some day, incidentally, I’m going to have to press Birzer on how he combines his fondness for Russell Kirk with progressive rock.  I can only imagine what the Sage of Mecosta would have said within hearing the first 10 seconds of a progressive rock tune in his home at Piety Hill.

Hat tip to FaceBook pal DM for flagging this.


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