Dumb and Dumber Indeed: Jim Carrey, Vaccination Denialist

The aging and fading comedian Jim Carrey apparently wants to act out in real life his role in “Dumb and Dumber,” with recent tweets attacking gun ownership.  Says a person who has armed bodyguards.  You’d think these Hollywood-Washington liberals wouldn’t be completely tone-deaf to hypocrisy.

But this only compounds Carrey’s perfidy.  His public opposition to childhood vaccination, along with other worthless celebrities like Robert F. Kennedy Jr (would anyone care what this lightweight said if his name was Robert F. Smith?), is probably responsible for the unnecessary death and maiming of more children than guns.  Why isn’t Carrey referred to as a “vaccination denier”?

Anyway, our pal Remy has released a video response to Carrey that nails it:


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