Fundamental transformation, originalist style?

Over at NRO’s Corner, my daughter Eliana has an interesting preview of coming attractions in the Senate:

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee — the Senate’s rabble-rousing GOP triumvirate – seek nothing less than to fundamentally transform the debate over gun control.

As has been reported, they will likely filibuster when Harry Reid brings his gun-control legislation up for a vote. In doing so, according to sources, they hope to effect a dramatic shift in public opinion, akin to one that followed Paul’s 13-hour filibuster earlier this month over President Obama’s drone policy.

Their approach is carefully orchestrated, and they are operating on the premise that taking a principled constitutional stand with a little dramatic flair will rally people to their cause. Properly executed, they hope the upcoming filibuster will refocus the gun-control debate, which has been mired in technical details, on the meaning of the Second Amendment….

The whole thing is not only worth reading, it is an incitement to stay tuned.


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