It ain’t necessarily so

John Podhoretz argues in the editor’s note of the new issue of Commentary that it’s time for conservatives to get serious about Obama, or begin taking him seriously on his own terms. John takes Obama to be a conventional liberal and chides conservatives for painting him as an extremist, an exaggeration which proves to be to Obama’s advantage.

If Obama is a conventional liberal, however, liberalism has moved to the left in the direction of “fundamental transformation” of the United States. It seems to me it would be worth giving some thought to the nature of the transformation to which Obama himself has professed to aspire, as Charles Kesler has set out to do in I Am the Change and elsewhere.

I thought in 2008 that Obama was the leftwardmost viable candidate in a crowded Democratic field, and that this was in part his attraction to the Democratic faithful. It seems to me that the Heritage Foundation video below is clarifying on this and related issues. If conservatives and Republicans can’t successfully fight this, it is indeed past time to get serious.

Via Ed Driscoll/InstaPundit.


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