It’s Official: Crunch(y) Time in Boulder

The news is official this morning: I’ve accepted the appointment to be the first “visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy” at the University of Colorado, Boulder for the academic year starting next fall.  It was a long and arduous process with lots of uncertainty along the way about how such a project would work best.  There has been a lot of criticism of CU for years for lacking any conservative presence on the faculty or in the classroom—a phenomenon that is endemic to large public research universities but less so at smaller private liberal arts colleges for reasons I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago.  Matters at CU really came to a head after the Ward Churchill debacle, when critics argued that there was something incongruous about a major university tolerating a radical like Churchill while seemingly having no room for any conservatives.  Well now they’ve made room.

I’ll teach a regular course load like any other faculty member, and no doubt get into other shades of mischief along the way.  Maybe if I do a good enough job, I can somehow sneak onto my own Power Line 100 Best Professors list.  And I’m sure I’ll be sharing highlights regularly here on Power Line.

I do recall that Rush Limbaugh has a very successful “bake sale” event in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Maybe we’ll have to try for a Power Line Pow-Wow (wait—can I say “pow-wow” on a college campus today?) at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs or something.

Meanwhile, does anyone know where the Whole Foods market in Boulder is?  I’m sure it’s mandatory to shop there.


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