Same-sex marriage is not the last frontier

Peter Wehner provides a good analysis of why public opinion has shifted so dramatically on same-sex marriage. This passage caught my eye: “once many Americans believed that the gay movement was de-radicalized and domesticated–much of the opposition to gay marriage began to dissipate.”

Pete is right to attribute the shift in opinion in part to the perception that the gay movement is de-radicalized. He is also wise to speak of this perception as a belief, not necessarily a reality.

In my view, the gay movement is far from de-radicalized. Let’s assume that gay marriage itself isn’t a radical concept; the gay agenda doesn’t end there. Nor do I believe it ends with mistreating religious institutions and people of faith who oppose same sex marriage, a concern that Pete raises.

For “civil rights” movements, there is never a final battle or a last frontier. And marriage is certainly not the final battle or the last frontier of the highly energized, embittered (not without cause) gay rights movement.