Sequestration — The Horror

Multimillionaire Steve Rattner, President Obama’s former car czar, is using Twitter (@SteveRattner) to provide real-life examples of the impact of the sequester. First, he tweeted:

DoD just cancelled a summer intern program my son was going to apply to.

As if this weren’t tragic enough, a few minutes later he added:

And my friend’s son was just told his Capitol Hill internship would now be unpaid.

Rattner offered no information about the economic status of the family whose son will not receive taxpayer money for his Capitol Hill internship.

Portions of the Twitter world must have been unmoved by Rattner’s horror stories, for he later tweeted:

Hey guys, thanks for sarcasm and worse. Just trying to get past DC-speak about #sequester with real examples.

Rattner might have gotten past DC-speak more effectively if his real examples had come from outside of DC.

Via Greg Pollowitz at the Corner.