Sports Illustrated Swimsuits Versus Lyndon Johnson

Okay, so this may be the weirdest Power Line headline ever.  You’ll have to bear with me here, though maybe I should say “bare” with me.  Because I was briefly inclined to post an embedded video of “Secrets of a Sports Illustrated Body Paint Model” (because this is clearly an important topic, even though I’m crazy busy this week), but then after reviewing the video several times (quality control you know), I recognized that while it may pass YouTube’s equivalent of the old Hayes’ Office, I’m not quite sure about ours.  We still have some standards here.

On the other hand, the SI envelope-pushing is probably preferable to the phone recording of President Lyndon Johnson ordering pants over the phone.  This recording requires an adult situations warning.  Especially enjoy the bits about how his knife falls out of his pockets when they’re too short.  And the belch in the middle.

Now off to Washington at 6 am tomorrow morning.