Spring Training Follies

Later on tonight, I am planning on doing a post or two about budget numbers. But before undertaking that green-eyeshade task, let’s talk spring training. Spring training has a special resonance here in the North; the overnight low last night was one degree, and there is a pile of snow ten feet high in my cul-de-sac. Around here spring is only a rumor, save for the far-off crack of bat against ball in Florida.

The nice thing about spring training is that it doesn’t count, so if the Phillies want to use Hooters employees as ball girls–hey, why not? Of course, the consequences are unpredictable. A few days ago one of the Hooters girls, stationed behind third base, made a nice play on a hard-hit ground ball, scooping it up and tossing it to a small boy in the crowd. Only problem was, the ball was in play:

Not all of the Hooters girls are as sure-handed. This one got booed; Phillies fans are tough, even in the spring:

This ball girl was innocently sunning herself when a pop foul came her way. She failed to notice and nearly was crushed by a Yankee infielder:

In a couple of weeks things will start getting more serious, for better or worse.


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