The Week in Pictures

Time for another of our periodical photo-cartoon essays of the week that was.

The sequester hits DC.

Undoubtedly the best item of the week was Obama showing his pop-culture ignorance of the crucial distinction between (and superiority of) Star Trek and Star Wars by eschewing the use of a Jedi mind-meld.  (And you thought his Spock-like ears actually meant something.)  This is going to cost him at least 10 points in his approval ratings.  Someone needs to sit him down and make him watch the Trekkie-Star Wars gang fights with Seth Rogen in Fanboys (a much under-rated movie in my book).  Bonus! It turns out the Trekkie vs. Jedi Wars gang fight is up on YouTube!  Anyway:

Speaking of science fiction, pretty sure this is a Firefly reference. Browncoats rule!

Boneless wonder #1

And boneless wonder #2. Still hard to put this guy and "swift" in the same sentence.

NRA Gothic

No wonder they have a bad attitude about us.


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