Will Marco Rubio keep his promise to Rush Limbaugh?

As John reported earlier today, it looks like the Democrats will try to rush a comprehensive immigration reform bill through the Senate. Moreover, Republican Lindsey Graham apparently backs this effort. As he put it, “You don’t want to leave it hanging out for two weeks to get shot up” by opponents.

But ealier this year, Marco Rubio, who along with Graham is part of the Gang drafting Senate immigration reform legislation, promised Rush Limbaugh that the process wouldn’t work this way, and that, indeed, all Senators would have their say. Here is what Rubio told Rush on January 29:

The next step in this process is to craft a starting point of legislation, and then after that it’s gonna have to go through committees and people are gonna have their input. There’s gonna be public hearings. I don’t want to be part of a process that comes up with some bill in secret and brings it to the floor and gives people a take it or leave it. I want this place to work the way it’s supposed to work, with every senator having input and the public having input.

Will Rubio keep his promise to Rush Limbaugh? Or will Rubio allow Lindsey Graham and his Democratic collaborators to make a liar out him?