About that mosque

A knowledgeable reader writes from Boston:

You may already know this, but the ISB mosque in Cambridge referenced in your Power Line post has a long history, and the group I belong to has been part of it. You can learn more at this Web site.

It will be very interesting to see what turns up from various investigations, including our own. As for the Boston Globe, they have responded with utter indifference, over a period of nearly a decade now, to the information we have given them about the radicalism of the mosque’s leaders. They are apparently continuing this pattern in the face of the Marathon bombing.

Our Muslim partner [name omitted] visited this mosque several years ago and was so appalled at what he heard there that he never went back. He told us: “I left Egypt to escape the Muslim Brotherhood and found out that they had got here first.”

In my post yesterday, I mocked the Boston Globe’s failure to identify the mosque attended by Tamerlan Tsarnaev and quoted from the Los Angeles Times story reporting that Tamerlan Tsarnaev followed “radical Islam.” The Globe catches up with the story and seems to be doing some damage control on behalf of the mosque in “Bombing suspect broke angrily with Muslim speakers.”

The Times reported on a service mosque at the Islamic Society of Boston cultural center that Tsarnaev attended near his apartment in Cambridge:

The imam had held up slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. as an example of a man to emulate, recalled one worshiper who would give his name only as Muhammad.

Enraged, Tamerlan stood up and began shouting, Muhammad said.

“You cannot mention this guy because he’s not a Muslim!” Muhammad recalled Tamerlan shouting, shocking others in attendance.

The Times has now inserted this note:

[For the Record, 11:25 a.m. PDT April 21: A previous version of this post stated that a worshiper said Tamerlan Tsarnaev had an outburst during a prayer service at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, which is in Roxbury Crossing. The alleged outburst occurred at the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge. A photo of the incorrect location has been removed from the post. The post also has been updated to include comments from a leader of the Cambridge mosque disputing the claim that Tsarnaev had been ejected.]

It’s almost funny.

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