Amanda Thatcher’s reading

John Hinderaker posted a moving account of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral here yesterday, noting the reading by Baroness Thatcher’s 19-year-old granddaughter Amanda. I wanted to see Ms. Thatcher’s reading and I assume many of you do as well. Looking for an embeddable video without a preceding advertisement, I found ITN’s video posted on YouTube below.

STEVE adds: It has been commonplace for years for conservatives to say, “I wish we had a Thatcher of our own.” Well, lo and behold, there’s been one right under our noses all along. Maybe we’re going to be saved after all. FWIW, Amanda Thatcher attends the University of Richmond, which has a fairly high quotient of conservatives on the faculty in some departments. And as Yoda might say, “There is another.” I note her older brother took a degree in chemistry–just like their grandmother!


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