Edward Jay Epstein invites you

Edward Jay Epstein’s new book is The Annals of Unsolved Crime, just published by Melville House. Ed is incapable of writing a dull book, and this one lacks a dull page. Michael Wolff’s USA Today review is in the nature of an appreciation that I share in full. Ed now writes to invite Power Line readers to participate in a series of online programs geared to the book:

I will be giving question-and-answer sessions on six of the most intriguing cases in my book. I am using an interactive platform called “Shindig,” allowing attendees to share the stage with the speaker or mingle with other participants online. The discussions will be free, but are limited to the first 800 RSVPs who sign up. Everyone signing up will receive an excerpt from the book and a “briefing” on the crime to review before the live chat. The first one is on Tuesday, April 16, on The Lincoln Assassination. Here is the link. The URL is http://www.mhpbooks.com/unsolvedcrime/.

I would be delighted if Power Line readers would participate.

Ed’s subsequent sessions address mysteries of the Vatican, the Amanda Knox ordeal, the case of Alexander Litvenenko, the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and the Lindbergh kidnapping. I have to think that all of these sessions would be of interest to Power Line readers. Please check out the programs and sign up if interested at the link.


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