John Thune, live from Gate 21

Returning from a business trip to Washington, D.C., tonight I was delighted to find Senator John Thune waiting to board the 7:15 p.m. flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul at Reagan National Gate 21. As I said hello, Senator Thune could not have been warmer.

I asked him about his trip home. If I understand correctly, he said he was going home for the induction of his father, age 93, to the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame. He added that his father’s induction is attributable in part to his play on the University of Minnesota basketball team. I’m afraid the recognition may be overdue.

His father was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service as a naval fighter pilot. I believe that recognition was more timely.

I asked Senator Thune if he was at the White House last night for the meeting with President Obama on the budget. He said he was. I asked if he would comment on the meeting for Power Line readers. He graciously let me fire up my iPhone and record his response in the video below. Sincere thanks to Senator Thune for his patience and his candor.

UPDATE: For more on Harold Thune, please see this Argus Leader story.