Mirror, Mirror

Turns out Obama’s comment that California’s callipygian Kamala Harris is the nation’s best looking attorney general was not just politically incorrect, it may be inaccurate.  Some folks in Nevada have cried foul, and are saying “Hey—wait a minute, we have the hottest state attorney general!  Check out our Cortez Masto!”

[UPDATE] But wait!  There’s also Florida’s attorney general, Pam Bondi!  And she’s a Republican! (Thanks for reader tips on this breaking story.)

It’s the perfect job for Power Line, especially since we seem to be between beauty pageants right now.  So check ‘em out, and cast your vote.  We report, you decide.

AG Harris

AG Masto




Florida AG Bondi

. . . who apparently moonlights as a flight attendant.

Turns out Masto and Harris have appeared together. What would Obama do?

JOHN adds: Amazing how a post like this piles up the comments! For those who are wondering, the Miss Universe contest is coming right up, in June, and the Miss World finals will be in September.


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