My New Gun

I got a carry permit a couple of months ago, but my guns have been full-sized–an Armalite AR-24 9 mm. pistol, and a SIG Sauer Mosquito .22–and not really suitable for carrying. So I ordered a carry piece through a friend who owns a gun shop outside the Twin Cities. It arrived today, having rolled off the factory line on April 18. So I left work a few minutes early and made the drive to pick it up.

The gun is a SIG Sauer P938. The P938 is a pocket pistol, just under six inches long and four inches high. I took this picture of it a few minutes ago. (Commenters, please don’t criticize my grip! I was holding the phone in one hand and the gun in the other.)

The P938 is a 9-millimeter, 1911-style, single action pistol. (In a double action handgun, pulling the trigger does two things: it both cocks the hammer and releases it. In a single action handgun, pulling the trigger just releases the hammer, which is assumed to be already cocked. Hence the practice of carrying guns like the P938 “cocked and locked,” i.e., with the safety on and the hammer cocked.) It follows on SIG’s popular P238, which is a .380 caliber gun. (A .380 cartridge is essentially a sawed-off 9 mm. cartridge.) It comes in a number of versions; the differences are mainly cosmetic. Mine is a Nightmare. This photo of the P938 Nightmare is from SIG’s web site:

So, of course, I can’t wait to get my new gun to the range. Unfortunately, I have to be out of town on business next weekend, so it will be a little while before I can actually shoot it. I will report further when I have put a couple hundred rounds through my new gun.


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