Obamacare delenda est

The enactment of Obamacare by overweening Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate was more than a gratuitous act of destruction, but it was incredibly destructive, and it was premised on Barack Obama’s incessantly repeated pack of lies about preserving existing arrangements, lowering costs, and all the rest. A willful pack of lies.

Now what? Ramesh Ponnuru and Yuval Levin have not given up the fight and have been doing the hard thinking about what should come next. NRO has posted their National Review cover story “Replace, replace, still” and their response to critics of their cover story, “Beyond Obamacare.”

Cato the Elder was said to have ended every one of his his speeches in the Roman Senate, whatever the subject, with the imprecation that “Carthago delenda est” (Carthage must be destroyed), or so my high school Latin teacher taught me. I think that is the fighting spirit it will take to mount the necessary opposition to this abominable pseudolaw.