Powerline’s Monthly Wine Update

It’s the first week of the month, which can only mean one thing: a new short video from the Paso Wine Guy!  (See below.)  This time, about the old mainstay of California winemaking, Cabernet Sauvingon.

Meanwhile, the Puffington Host has a feature out today on the Paso wine region, though it is a bit odd in places.  For instance, there’s the claim that Paso is less than three hours from either San Francisco or Los Angeles.  Maybe if true if you break all the speed laws, but that typically happens only after you’ve visited a few wineries.  Then there’s the suggestion you search out wineries on “the more heavily traveled Peachy Canyon Road.”  What?  You can hardly find Peachy Canyon Road even with GPS.  This is clearly a piece written by a quick in-and-out visit, but whatever.

The Wall Street Journal also weighed this weekend with a feature on the changing styles of chardonnay, which is a good excuse to mention swinging by Stolo Family Winery this afternoon to see whether they still have any of their astonishingly awesome 2005 chardonnay still sitting in the back room.  Yup: two cases left.  But now there’s only one left.  Heh.  Not worry; if the Power Line Wine Weekend ever comes together, Stolo’s 2007 chardonnay is terrific, too.