Surprise: Rubio is “all-in” for amnesty

Politico reports that Marco Rubio is prepared “to go all in to support sweeping immigration legislation, offering himself up as the public face of the bill.” This isn’t much a surprise. In all likelihood, Rubio has been prepared to be the front-man in the push for amnesty and path for citizenship for illegal aliens from the get-go. His sponsorship of reprehensible efforts to demonize critics of amnesty have shown him to be every bit as much of a ruthless pro-amnesty ideologue as Chuck Schumer, for whom he is fronting.

In other news that won’t shock, Politico notes that there will be no meaningful hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the comprehensive reform package. Why? Because, as Politico puts it, Chairman Leahy “rebuffed” Rubio in his bid for extensive hearings.”

But Rubio, as the linchpin of this deal, could have insisted on hearings as a condition of his support for the bill. Had Rubio “rebuffed” Leahy, the Democrats would have no choice but to yield. But Rubio backed off.

As a result, this most consequential of legislative proposals will receive only cursory committee review. Given the strength of Rubio’s bargaining position, we must conclude one (or both) of two things: (1) Rubio didn’t really want meaningful hearings or (2) Rubio is a lightweight who is easily rolled by the Dems.

Politico reports that, in place of Senate hearings, Rubio says he “wants to launch his own public hearing process of sorts to allow Republican senators to question expert witnesses about the plan.” Could this possibly be any more lame? While Republicans scream, generally, about the need for regular order, Rubio concocts his own special order in which “experts,” presumably selected by him, promote his plan to Republican Senators.

Conservatives have only themselves to blame for the fact that Rubio may be in a position to sell out the position most conservatives hold on immigration. These days, we tend to fall in love with attractive young politicians whose only claim on our affection is the ability to flatter us with a good speech and a nice story about themselves that fits our narrative (or, in Rubio’s case, a story about his father, with parts that aren’t true).

Having elevated another one of these largely untested young things to high prominence, we now must cope with the “monster” we created. And this time, the future of the Republican party as a conservative force hangs in the balance.