Suspicious Minds

The Daily Mail has a colorful report on the release of Elvis impersonator Kevin Curtis from custody for sending the ricin-laced mail to Senator Roger Wicker and President Obama:

Charges have been dropped against a Mississippi man charged with sending ricin-laced poison letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a state judge after his lawyer argued that he has been framed by a former friend.

“I’ve never heard of ricin or whatever. I thought they said rice. I told them I don’t eat rice,” Kevin Curtis said at a press conference today, describing the moment he was questioned by federal authorities.

Defense lawyer Christi McCoy said whoever framed her client was able to lead the FBI to his door simply by including Curtis’ catch-phrase “I’m KC and I approve this message” and a few other clues in the threatening notes that were mailed to Washington.

McCoy suggested in court on Monday that federal authorities should instead investigate J. Everett Dutschke, an accused child molester who unsuccessfully ran for a Mississippi state House seat against the son of one of the ricin targets.

The Associated Press confirms that the charges against Curtis have been dismissed but the dismissal is without prejudice to their being refiled. The AP report also states that Curtis was released on bond. Someone must is all shook up. Both statements can’t be true. Whatever the case, as of this moment, the perpetrator is at large.