Thatcher family will not go wobbly on Argentina

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez will not be invited to attend Margaret Thatcher’s state funeral. Every other country with whom Britain enjoys “normal” diplomatic relations will be invited. However, Thatcher’s family objected to Fernandez attending and the British government is honoring its wish. Argentina’s ambassador to Britain will be invited, in keeping with protocol.

Fernandez, of course, had nothing to do with the 1982 Falklands War and all that. However, she has rejected a referendum held just last month in which Falkland residents voted to remain a British Overseas Territory. Fernandez nonetheless has mounted a compaign to renegotiate the Islands’ sovereignty. As part of that campaign, she is lobbying Pope Francis, who hails from Argentina, on the issue.

Good, then, for the Thatcher family, and good for the British government. Thatcher’s life was about firm adherence to principle, rather than taking the easy, amiable approach. It thus seems fitting and proper to exclude from her funeral an Argentine leader who actively attempts to overturn the outcome of the Falklands War and the will of Falkland residents.


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