The company Columbia keeps

Over the weekend we condemned Robert Redford for glorifying the lives and works of the Weather Underground terrorists in his new movie, The Company You Keep, opening soon at a theater near you. Among the good works of the Weather Underground was the armored car robbery that resulted in the murders of two police officers and a Brinks guard. Michelle Malkin called Redford out in her syndicated column “The bloody company Hollywood keeps.” We seconded her here, citing George Russell’s great Commentary essay, “The other Rosenberg case.”

Now the New York Post reports that Columbia University has honored Kathy Boudin — the Weather Underground terrorist who spent 22 years in prison for the armored-car robbery that killed the two police officers and a Brinks guard — with an adjunct professorship at Columbia’s School of Social Work. Columbia in fact lists her as an assistant professor. Among her enumerated areas of expertise is “restorative justice.” In 2003 Boudin was paroled for felony murder that resulted in a lot of kids being left without dads. I wonder if she has restored any justice to them.

Hey, how about a special screening of Redford’s movie at Columbia to be followed by questions-and-answers with Professor Boudin? That would be an event Columbia alums could really take pride in.