The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 45: Breaking Point

After a rare and well deserved break, the Hinderaker-Ward Experience (HWX) returns for a very special episode. Topics of discussion include:

* the weather outside (frightful)

* the life and legacy of Margaret Thatcher

* sequestration

* illegal immigrants, or rather, dreamers

* Loon of the Week (Martin Bashir)

* This Week in Gatekeeping (New York Times on the meaning of Easter, take 2)

We were also joined by one of our favorites, novelist C.J. Box, author of the best-selling new thriller, Breaking Point, currently #7 on the New York Times hardcover fiction list. Breaking Point, Box’s 13th Joe Pickett novel, is loosely based on the Sackett case. The book’s villain–and is he ever a villain!–is an EPA bureaucrat. It is enough to warm your heart! I recommend it highly. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Member-listener honors of the week go to the first person in the comments section at Ricochet who can name the profession of the “Hinderaker” featured in a previous C.J. Box novel.

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