The Week in Pictures

Lot to get through this week; in fact it almost demands a video, but I haven’t got the time.  In any case, we need to start with our friends at The Looking Spoon, who made up this poster to make vivid John’s post the other day on how liberals have trouble with this whole “problem of evil” thingie (beyond, that is, rich people, who are clearly evil if you’re a leftist).

I hope you caught the news that Williams of Sonoma discontinued selling pressure cookers in Massachusetts out of an abundance of sensitivity.  That’s okay: I don’t shop at Williams of Sonoma anyway; as I heard the great Alton Brown comment on that retailer: “I don’t make that kind of money.”  But let the mockery begin:

I definitely want one of these:

The greatest fashion innovation since the bikini perhaps.

What do you mean "yet"?

Wishful thinking. . .

LIBRARY police?? DC--it figures.

Brezhnev briefs? One of the less successful Calvin Klein ads from the 1980s.

Maybe this one is NASA’s attempt to endorse Anthony Weiner’s comeback bid:

And finally, for you Coen brothers fans. . .




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