The Week in Videos

How did I miss these two 30-second videos last week while compiling the Week in Pictures?  The first is a recording, via YouTube, of NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston speculating that the Boston bombing was likely the result of right-wing extremists because Hitler’s birthday was about to be observed.  Even though this video has only sound but no images, you have to hear it, not to believe it–much better than reading the text:

Next, check out this “public service” style ad in favor of gun control.  Quick question: if gun technology should change the meaning of the Second Amendment, shouldn’t changes in communications technology also change the First Amendment?  Should people be allowed to hamper criminal and security investigations by live-tweeting the movement of police?  (Never mind whether CNN–or NPR–should be allowed to broadcast speculation and call it “news.”)

If I didn’t know better, I’d say the entire gun control crusade is actually a false-flag operation being run by the gun industry. Just check out the chart below which appeared in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago: