Three More Pictures

Steve’s Week In Pictures was especially entertaining today. Here are three more: one serious, one funny, and one–I think–bogus. First, the serious one, which comes from the Daily Mail. Yesterday police raided an apartment near the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, which Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attended. The students who lived in the apartment are friends of Tsarnaev and, although this is not clear, reports suggest he may have lived there. The individuals who live in the apartment were taken into custody. This is the license plate on their BMW:

Next, a little humor. One of my daughters texted me this image last night:

Finally, this one, which you likely have already seen. It purports to be a photo of one of the two vehicles that the Tsarnaev brothers carjacked in the course of fleeing from police. Note the “Coexist” bumper sticker:

This picture has widely been taken as genuine–Mark Steyn even cited it in his latest column–but I don’t think it is. The license numbers of the two carjacked vehicles were publicized, and the license on this vehicle doesn’t match either one. So I think it’s a prank. Still, I would be happy to be proved wrong, so if anyone has information to the contrary, please so note in the comments. Whether the picture is genuine or not, I share Mark’s sentiment:

I wonder, when the “Co-exist” car is returned to its owner, whether he or she will keep the bumper sticker in place. One would not expect him to conclude, as the gays of Amsterdam and the Jews of Toulouse and the Christians of Egypt have bleakly done, that if it weren’t for that Islamic crescent you wouldn’t need a bumper sticker at all.