What he saw at the Gosnell trial

I posted J.D. Mullane’s PhillyBurbs.com column in our Picks over the weekend, but I want to take the liberty of drawing special attention to it. Mullane’s column is “What I saw at the Gosnell trial.” Mullane’s column is accompanied online by a photo of the press section at the trial that Ed Morrissey declared “Photo of the day.”

Mullane’s column opens:

It is hard to decide the most appalling images to emerge Thursday at the murder trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. What happened in his abortion clinic is beyond any morbid Hollywood horror.
Tiny severed feet and hands stored in jars over a sink in the “procedure” room.
Digitalis injected into the stomachs of pregnant women to stop the beating hearts of their unborn babies so that they would be born dead.

Survivor babies whose spinal cords were severed, whose brains were removed with suction, whose tiny bodies were placed in a waste bin for disposal.

Then there is commonwealth exhibit C-147, depicting a large baby balled in the fetal position, bloody, stuffed in a bin. “Big enough to walk me home,” joked Gosnell when he saw the child’s remains, testified Ashly Baldwin, a clinic employee.

Please check out the whole thing.

UPDATE: The Washington Post’s Melinda Hennenberger explains why the Gosnell trial hasn’t been on page 1 (or anywhere else in paper or the rest of the mainstream media).