The Week In Pictures

“People Died, Obama Lied.”  “That is the best summary of what has happened since September 11, 2012,” according to  Yup, we definitely need this bumper sticker, ASAP.   The only one I’ve seen so far reverses this order, to match the Bush meme better, but it will do for now.  And do I even need to comment on the media’s performance on this story?

I’ve never really understood all the fuss over Hawking, and this episode confirms my dubious assessment.

And now for the fun stuff. . .

Just in time for Mother's Day

I remember this.  It was at Burbank airport in CA.

So when is Netflix going to revive the series?

Another great artifact from the Reagan era.

I sure hope the new movie is better than the 1970s version with Redford and Watterson, which totally sucked.

Yeah, definitely need this App.


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