Al Franken Resists Impulse to Slug Reporter

This video of Jason Mattera trying to interview Al Franken and Chuck Schumer about their two letters to the IRS, asking the agency to crack down on tax-exempt “social welfare” groups, is pretty entertaining. Only I don’t think Breitbart TV, which posted the video, described it correctly. Breitbart wrote:

Sen Al Franken (D-MN) was using such a circuitous “serpentine” walking pattern in an effort to avoid TRN’s Jason Mattera’s tough question that he inadvertently body checked one of his own staffers in the process.

I think Franken body-checked Mattera, not his aide, and it was clearly intentional. Franken has an anger management problem. He has been known to get into fist fights or wrestling matches with people who disagree with him about politics, and at the 2004 Republican convention he very nearly engaged in fisticuffs with Laura Ingraham’s producer–an altercation which I photographed. The picture was used in a Norm Coleman ad during their epic 2008 campaign. It looked to me as though Franken could barely resist mixing it up with Mattera. Schumer, on the other hand, ignored him completely. Here is the video:


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