Amnesty, Alinsky style

Please dont’t miss John Fonte’s piece on NRO about provisions in the Gang of Eight bill (see pages 370-94) that will funnel federal dollars to left-wing activists so they can organize illegal aliens who obtain amnesty. The money is cleverly earmarked as intended to help integrate immigrants. Thus, it is designated for programs that will promote “linguistic, economic, and civic integration.”

But who will get the money? According to the legislation, it will go to states, localities, and non-profit organizations. The best evidence of who, specifically, the beneficiaries will be can be found by looking at groups who currently receive state funding to promote immigrant integration.

Fonte shows that such programs in Illinois and Maryland have functioned as radical activist operations. The one in Illinois is dominated by Joshua Hoyt, a longtime leftist community organizer who collaborated with Bill Ayers and a young Barack Obama in the 1990s. More recently, his immigrant integration operation has collaborated with Muslim groups seeking to resist investigations into suspicious charitable organizations.

According to Fonte, the Illinois program, which would almost surely get federal funding under the Schumer-Rubio measure, works closely with The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago which, in turn, works closely with the Islamist (and Muslim Brotherhood aligned) Islamic Council of North America. It also works closely with the radical Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Expect that outfit to be a huge player in immigrant integration if the Gang of Eight legislation becomes law.

The Maryland organization that receives state funding to help “integrate” immigrants, CASA de Maryland, is familiar to me. President Obama’s lefty nominee for Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, is an alum.

CASA de Maryland is run by Gustavo Torres. He’s a former Sandinista and a current confidant of the the state’s liberal Democratic governor Martin O’Malley.

CASA’s core function is to oppose state, federal, and local enforcement immigration laws. Rep. Dana Rohrbacher has accused it of teaching illegal immigrants how to evade the law. To help it perform this and other radical work, Hugo Chavez provided CASA with $1.5 million in funding, after Torres spoke in Venezuela at a conference on revolution in Latin America. CASA also supports the “Cuban Five,” a quintet of convicted Castro spies.

It isn’t surprising that Chuck Schumer wants to funnel federal money to left-wingers who will organize amnestied aliens into dutiful, reliable left-wing Democratic voters. But why did Marco Rubio go along with pages 370-94 of the Schumer-Rubio bill? Most likely, he was asleep at the switch.


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