Another Thing to Thank the NRA For

Either Hinderaker is too busy right now, or we’re in that in-between period like we suffer after the Super Bowl and before baseball opening day when we only have the NBA to tide us through for sports, but there’s clearly a dearth of coverage of beauty pageants on Power Line right now.  Thank goodness for the NRA, which has been holding its convention this weekend.  And thank goodness for Robert Farago’s for providing important coverage of something that, once again, the lamestream media are omitting: NRA Booth Babes. Here’s a sampler of what TTAG has, um, uncovered:

Page Wyatt again, different gun.

Let’s not forget or favor fashion statement from last week’s photo roundup:

Victoria's Secret Gun?

And in news you can use, here’s a helpful demonstration of the bra holster:

JOHN adds: As Steve surmised, I was tied up over the weekend in a law firm retreat and wasn’t able to do much here. I appreciate his keeping up with the NRA’s annual convention, which was a smashing success in several ways. I believe the next major international beauty pageant is Miss World in September, so I trust our readers will be able to hold on until then! In the meantime, it is good to see a post that is categorized as both “beauty pageants” and “gun control.” That pretty much covers the bases.