Climate: Perfect for Whining, as Usual

Ben Boychuk of City Journal California (and the fine InfiniteMonkeys blog) has been after me for a while to write for its pages now that I’ve been foolish enough to move back to the less-than-golden state, but I’ve been too busy to oblige.  But when he pointed me to the latest nonsense from the climate capos about how California’s wine industry was imperiled, I had to swing into action.  The result is this piece just out this afternoon.  It’s short and suitable for everyone’s palate.

I had to restraint the sarcasm, as the underlying study has some truly snort-worthy claims–the best one being about how there may be water shortages in vineyards that want to spray their grapes to “cool” them down in the hot summer.  Now, the great thing about this topic is that it forced me–absolutely against my will, of course–to do some field research the last couple of weeks by visiting some local wineries and showing this study to a few viticulturalists I know.  They thought it was satire.  Spray your grapes?  Not unless you want powdery mildew to ruin your crop.

Anyway, read the whole thing, as they say.  Meanwhile, I’m finally getting my wine cellar slightly better organized, as you can see in this photo.  Need to pick out something to go with grilled rib eyes tonight, though.