Does This Ad Make Me Look Racist? (Chapter 3)

We have commented before about the Sensitivity Police who use electron microscopes to spot the most minuscule trace of racism wherever it can be found, such as this Volkswagen ad, and this ad for the Discovery Card.  Here’s the latest entry in the Racism Overreaction Playbook: a Cheerios ad featuring a mixed-race couple (below), which you would think would receive the approval of the Multidiversiculturalites.  But apparently it has caused a ruckus.  The whole scene is confusing: it is not clear whether the upset is from lefties who think the ad is making fun of the mixed race daughter (in which case: get a grip), or supposedly old Confederates who disapprove of miscegenation (in which case: this is a false flag operation).

Can we please bring back some TV ads for Fruit Loops?  The possibilities are endless.


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