Electrifying California

Over a period of decades, Edison Electric Company documented the electrification of southern California in approximately 70,000 photographs. Recently Edison donated or loaned these images to the Huntington Museum, which has now put some of them online. They are historically interesting and, in many instances, aesthetically beautiful. They remind us of the romance of southern California in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Click to enlarge:

I like the sign at this gas station: “Serv-ur-self, we serv Ladies.” Not to mention. of course, the price of the gasoline:

Los Angeles in 1915:

There are plenty of diners in evidence, naturally. This one was taken in 1956:

There are lots of interior photos, too, showing the effects of electrification on the home. Would my wife like this 1935 powder room? Yes:

If you like this kind of thing–and who doesn’t?–there are many more at the link.