Getting 60 votes for amnesty is “pretty easy,” says Reid

For some reason, the MSM wants to create suspense over the fate of the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill in the Senate. Much was made, for example, of Sen. Menendez’s statement on Univision that supporters didn’t yet have the 60 votes.

But Harry Reid knows that the votes are there. “I think we have 60 votes,” the Majority Leader says. “Remember, we start out at 55 Democrats. I think the most I’ll lose is two or three. Let’s say I wind up with 52 Democrats. I only need eight Republicans, and I already have four, so that should be pretty easy.”

It should, indeed, as I predicted here. When Mitch McConnell praises the work of the Gang of Eight, that should tell us something.

As far as the Senate goes, the fix is in. Let’s hope that’s not the case in the House, where I fear that some of the leadership is also well-disposed towards amnesty.


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