Is Climate Change Causing Unusually Mild Weather?

Alarmists have been quick to blame weather extremes of all kinds on global warming. The claim that “climate change” is responsible for extreme weather events has been repeated countless times. But what can the alarmists make of the fact that weather, here in the U.S., at least, is the least extreme in history?

Currently, there are fewer tornadoes in the U.S. than ever. This chart, created by Harold Brooks of NOAA and reproduced by Anthony Watts, shows tornado frequency at the lowest level since 1950:

The same is true of hurricanes. How many times have alarmists tried to tell us that global warming is causing increased hurricane activity? In fact, however, we currently are experiencing the longest stretch without a major hurricane hitting the United States in recorded history. This chart shows the occurrence of category 3 hurricanes from 1900 to the present. Currently, it has been a record 7 1/2 years since a category 3 hurricane landfall:

What is an alarmist to do? I suppose they could tell us that increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are responsible for the extraordinary mildness of our current climate, but that probably wouldn’t be a successful fundraising technique.


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