Is Fox News fair and balanced on immigration reform?

Strip away the pro-illegal alien rhetoric and name-calling in this piece by NBC Latino contributor Stephen Nuno and you will find an important truth — the immigration reform game is dominated by money, and the pro-amnesty side has nearly all of it.

Nuno points out that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has put together a coalition of like-minded billionaires to sell Schumer-Rubio style immigration reform to Republicans. Michael Bloomberg has been at the forefront of similar efforts. So, according to Nuno, has Rupert Murdoch.

What about the other side in this debate? Nuno aptly describes it as a “cottage industry.”

Murdoch’s participation prompted a friend of mine to wonder where Fox News stands in all of this. It seemed to us that Marco Rubio has been appearing pretty regularly on Fox News shows to sell his legislation.

And that’s fine. Rubio certainly should be heard on Fox, just as he is being heard on conservative Talk Radio.

But has Rubio been asked the kind of tough questions on Fox that he has encountered on Talk Radio? It seemed to us that he has not.

Furthermore, has Fox given roughly equal time to the strong conservative voices that oppose the Schumer-Rubio approach? Again, we didn’t think so.

But these are just our impressions. What do Power Line readers think?

The immigration reform debate has died down a little bit in the past week. However, it is sure to heat up again. In the next round, we will try to look more systematically at Fox News’ coverage of the debate.


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