Live from the Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute

At the moment I am listening to the ostentatiously liberal Judge Mark Bennett of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa summarize the Supreme Court’s employment law decisions of the past year. Judge Bennett wants us to know that he has got his mind right (i.e., left), and how. I understood that from his disparagement of the conservative Supreme Court justices as “the usual suspects.” That was enough for me, but then he added facetious praise of Chief Justice Roberts for the “craftspersonship” of his opinions, a purported word I am grateful never to have heard before this morning.

Continuing legal education is a multifaceted thing. I’m wondering if I can claim elimination-of-bias credit (I need two hours to satisfy the requirement imposed by the Minnesota Supreme Court) for meditating on Judge Bennett’s mind-numbingly gender-neutral vocabulary.


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